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The girl’s sex (part 1)


He had been stalking this mansion for download movies porn, pornhub, Porn Online Free  several weeks and knew the owner was a young girl who lived alone here. The family has long exited and often sends money to her for consumption. Certainly she must have a lot of money and precious possessions. Seeing how she lived, she found the rare sarcasm.
The owner of the villa may prefer lonely life so rarely see a friend to play. The girls usually leave the house at 7am, sometimes take a few hours at noon and then come back to the new evening. She does not hire a housekeeper but signs a cleaning contract with a company that specializes in housekeeping and housekeeping. Perhaps due to living alone so the house is not very cluttered, but by the end of the week the new toilet company to people once. At that time the girl was at home all day and supervised the whole work.

So be sure to eat.

He knew this rule very well and today decided to make a mistake.

Around the house is sparse, even if things happen surely no one knows.

He calculated such and began to break into the villa when the girl left at 7:55. It’s not hard to get the window behind the house, where most of the landlords do not keep an eye on it and never close it.

He walked in and was shocked at the elegance of this place, the room was spacious enough to be surrounded by glass and curtains.

After a while, he was able to settle down and locate the bedroom.

The girl did not lock the door of the room but just closed so he did not take any effort to force the door.

He walked in and closed the door of the room as before, the eyes turn over a turn to find a secret cabinet but not see.

He scanned the drawers under the table, standing cabinet, wardrobe … but still do not see a penny or any jewelry.

He went to the TV shelves to try, also see nothing but a pile of film discs just by the cover of the cover is enough content, full sex movies. He throws a disc in, wow … in front of him, on the LCD is a crazy sex scene of the Japanese couple. They sucked on each other’s genitals in a rapturous manner and then darted into ragged pants, moaning throughout the room. Suddenly there was a good evil that made him turn off the machine and forget the plate. He hid in the curtain waiting.

Just as he thought, a moment later the host pushed the door into the bedroom.

Strange, why did she come back today?

Was his performance revealed?

Is this just a chance?

A series of questions kept popping in his head but he finally decided to wait in the veil.

Maybe she left something and then took it back.

He thought and waited patiently.

One minute … two minutes … three minutes … twenty minutes … has passed without seeing a sign that the girl will leave home.

She just finished looking at the mirror and again in the bag to carry out to go out into a car carrying a large bag tossed into the bed.

So that was the clothes she had bought, all the models and expensive.

At the end of the collection of all this stuff to sell again, I also earn a little salvaged.

He patiently waited and observed the action of the landlord.

If there is a chance that he will find a way to withdraw smoothly.

The girl sat down on the bed and picked up the suit and put it down.

Suddenly she stood up, crossed her arms, down the lapel of her undershirt on the underside of her shirt.

He gasped almost gasped, then exclaimed, my dear body she is beautiful.

The fine white skin is impeccable.

Since watching this mansion, he only paid attention to the activities of the landlord and her property, not paying attention to his victims how, today he did not pray, he was dreaming The beauty of the girl’s dream that he has not dreamed.

She is so beautiful, the white necklace is covered with a brilliant silver wire.

The shoulders are round and connected to the slender arm.

And then, the small waist tightened to a limit separating the upper and lower body looks flawless.

She owns a back that folk often call the back of the bee, white full.

She picked up a new shirt and tried to look at her chest for a moment to put it back on the bed.

She left the ceiling so go to the chalk table to get the hair knot high up.

During the turn, because of not wearing a lingerie, the entire front of her looming clearly in front of his wide open eyes.

Her breast is more beautiful than what he had seen before.

It was just as toned and well proportioned to her body.

Two breasts like two half of grapefruit on top, the top is a tiny nipple as beans, around the areola hugging two nipples, beautiful pink.

He observed the left breast has a small mole as a black dot on the smooth white skin.

She raised her hair as high as showing her unique neck and back to bed.

This time she stood at the opposite bed so the face turned to him as he gave him the opportunity to admire the breast longer.

Another surprise came when the girl did not wear a new shirt to try on but took off her tight jeans again.

He felt very hard to slip her pants back too hugged from the buttocks hips.

Now there was a tiny pantyhose on her body.

He felt like a placebo, the chest throbbed, his legs like it could not stand longer, it was trembling every bite before the excitement strangely excited.

He leaned against the wall to resist the weight of his body.

His eyes temporarily removed his breasts and moved into his slim panties.

It is just a small triangular piece covering the protruding part of the pussy, made of lace hanging on two very thin strands, indifferent at the loudest of the butt.

Its mission is to cover up the girl’s most precious part, but it did not do well because it covered her pussy vaguely.

It almost did not hide anything because he saw the black hair inside.

Her hair was not so much that she covered her mu mum muppets but not too little to lose the attractiveness of a pussy that he thought was the best in heaven and earth.

She stood with her arms outstretched for a moment, then took off her underwear.

Oh, look at her through the lace that made him want to faint, now clearly see her high mound from a naked body in front of his face to stop his heart.

He could not bear the stimulation any longer, his boyfriend had long had an erection suddenly sprouting a stream of semen stained in the crotch.

He pulls off – dream – down, pull the pen out self satisfied.

He could not help but moan his voice, he did not need to know anything else just stalled in the screen masturbation.

The girl now realized that something was not going well and gently approached him.

She suddenly grabbed the blanket and screamed out loudly:

– Who are you? Why are you in my house? I’ll call the police … – The girl dropped her voice in a trembling voice.

– Please, I beg you …

He kneeled down begging for money. It was not because he did not have the strength to fight back the slim girl, but because he was afraid there was no one outside.

It is difficult to escape from the crime of theft, but heavier if the slander of rape is to spend life.

Since the girl suddenly returned home without the rules he had followed for weeks, he had no confidence in his intuition.

The best thing to do now is to use soft tactile to escape.

He kneeled to the ground that pants zipper was not tied up, the boy is still erect straightening out, on the head of the head lumps the dew.

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