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The girl’s sex (part 10)


Khuong was licking around his door so he was suppressed so he left the work he was doing, his tongue had no escape, porn hd so he slid into Dung’s tiny hole.
His tongue constantly licking rubbing sex video porn  on all sides of the vagina that Dung never breathed in.

Each time the tongue brazzers penetrated deep into the fluid, the tongue plucked out on his tongue, and when he pulled the tongue out, the gas passed along and flowed into his mouth.

But Dung still did not feel satisfied PornHD with the tantrum that was tearing her, holding the head of Khuong in the middle of his legs and pressing him down to the ground, the closed area to his mouth and the embrace of the rounded ass.

Although suffocated, but Khuong not interrupted the surge of Dung.

He thought it would not be long ago, his naked body would collapse to the ground and release his nose, which was covered by a tight cunt.

True enough, Dung could not stay longer in the upright position from the bottom, especially when her cunt had just had a sexual encounter.

She flipped over to one side panting, the whole body twitching each bite that listening to pleasure about invading the body of this nán.

On that occasion, Khuong stood up, his cock pounding up on him, he knelt beside her neck and then tugged on the vein of his lips.

Dung’s pretty baby mouth is gasping for breath now must receive his precious.

But she did not shy away from receiving it in the flesh pleasures.

When the meat tender vein is still sticky crayfish juice she sucked into her mouth.

She began to hit the tip of the tongue, the hand of the chicken feather dangling feather full of black curls, hands clawed the body as if to squeeze out the semen crystallized in the tube.

She swallowed it, this time no longer considered deliberation again.

She had swallowed semen instinctively as a lustful girl who loved to explore and enjoy the flesh.

Duan Crusher reached the necessary hardness and jerky in the mouth of the mouth to make the lump of lust for desires.

She was extremely interested in seeing her lover in incredible health, deserving of her lifelong flesh lover.

She will keep him by her own forever.

Jiang was a wise man and this time he also proved wise when deciding to withdraw from the mouth of Dung.

She clambered for it but Khuong stopped.

He picked her up and wiped her with a towel.

Dung did the same for him, and she rushed to her bedroom.

The electronic clock beeps an hour, it’s nine o’clock.

Both regretted that time can fly so fast so strange.

They want it to stop, want it to stop flowing so they have more time to enjoy each other.

The bedroom was so big that the lights were on, so she wanted to see the emotion of her partner’s handsome face whenever he reached orgasm.

At the same time, Khuong could see her mysterious cocktail mermaid.

Dung is very confident about the beauty and the treasures of heaven.

She had this pride from her teenage years when she noticed that every male’s eyes were always focused on her when she appeared.

It was perhaps because of that arrogance that she did not choose a man for her own, partly for fear of conquering her, they could no longer hold that worship, on the other hand, saw the real men How trivial.

But for some reason she found in Jiang a strange charm.

She could not believe only to meet this morning that she has now offered a precious hymen for him.

Have been with him a few times and have enjoyed him as well as for him to enjoy completely and passionately.

At this moment, she was naked in front of the new man and was about to enter the nightmare.

Dung found himself unable to stop anymore.

Khuong has cleared the flow of gas in her stagnation for so long that it will continue to flow in endless.

She had tasted the luscious sweetness of lust for sex, there was no reason for her to have to abstain from it.

Come here with me, do all you want.

This body, this soul is yours now.

Enjoy it, bury it, follow the instinct that God has given to mankind.

Make me crazy for you, for the pleasures of the flesh.

Khuong back to the first step by licking into Dung.

He piles a pillow under his butt to the naked body of his lover bent in the closed area.

He crouched down on his crotch, rubbing his large lips.

He snapped it into the mouth gently and then released again and put her lymph node.

Snapshot when the movement touched it, she gasped at her door.

Seeing that, Khuong grasped Dung’s feet to high up, her door was torn, exposing everything red inside.

He stuck his tongue wildly into the drenched crack that was wet, licking it as wet and making her groan non-stop.

Oh how evil his tongue is so cool.

How dare you lick the bird that way.

Why can not you … feed on your girlfriend?

It is unbelievable that the part of women used to urinate, deliver and escape is now being sucked by men, licking and drinking from the inside.

She heard a tingling from the pussy spreads all over her body.

The two grape pomelos of her were erect red to make the hole that was deep deep hun smoked.

He sucked Jiang’s tongue out of his mouth and it swallowed.

He still patiently buttoned the two sides of the cobbled together with the swirling tongue on his mouth, which made him numb again.

Her hips were raised but she still did not see enough, she kept bouncing around his mouth, wanting him to chew the devil, want him to eat her whole body like her mouth into her mouth to see the extreme pleasure.

Jiang’s body was erect thanks to the erotic movement of eroticism.

He turned his head back to her legs to both sides of her shoulder and pushed the red cuckoo into the mouth of her lover.

Open your mouth in a strange pleasure.

She was fascinated how each time two people back to the nursing sucking parts of each other.

She had seen this scene many times on the movie but she thought it was disgusting, especially for men.

In real life, no one can do that.

Why can not you lick your daughter cunt, it’s dirty.

But now when faced with reality, if Jiang does not suck her cunt she probably will angry him.

He must feed her earnestly, there is so really is to give, enjoy, is to live for love.

It gave her the feeling that there was no distance between the two bodies that were mad with sensuality.

Both naked bodies hugged each other and rolled on the bed, while Dung was lying on his back against the crotch, when he turned upside down on her back and so they drank for hours without being bored.

Khuong is fortunate to have a female body, a pussy white muffled chubby face just up the palm of the hand and the edge of the bird is still closed because never received a song.

As for Dung, the first time she saw a real crocodile in real life, not on the screen anymore, she was first holding it in her hand, buttoned in the mouth before the mutual consent of the same friend. happy

This feeling is so fresh, so ecstatic that both dreams are not available.

So they tied together, enjoying each other, enjoying each other’s taste from the place where both of them.

They devour the products from the pleasures of the flesh created in the boundless happiness.

Lullabies do not sound good when you hit the tongue on the lymph node.

She knew that people would call her a manhood or a whip, where the blood would gather when the woman was in love.

At that time, if anything touched, it would make a woman mad like that.

The joy of running at her door had taken away the image of a shy girl.

It is causing the writhing Cat can not lie still, she must release the vein in the mouth to be able to groan freely in the joy.

Climbing hands at the bottom of the crotch raised his head while the cuff still covered the mouth of the partner.

Her butt slightly fluttered for the tongue. Sliding out slipped into the vagina, she was too greedy for both wanting to go outside and wanting to have deep sexual sensations inside.

Suddenly, two feet of Dung fluttered up, low-lying bending twitching with the moan of the echoes, her cunt was filled with a flowing lingering fluid along the mouth of the door and then gathered in the lee.

The droplet grows and grows into the opening of the mouth.

She found numbness in the closed area, the whole body is stiff and suddenly falls face down in the groin.

Exhaled as a faint swoop while her underneath was still cramping, lingering love water.

Her hands hugged Jiang’s thighs and then she kissed lips kissed on the penis and on him.

– I’m so happy. I suck … cunt good, I want to die away.

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