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The girl’s sex (part 2)


The girl was running back to download movies porn, pornhub, Porn Online Free  her bed and grabbed her clothes.
Her situation is now no better than he was when she was naked before a man in her own deserted home.

She thought very quickly that if the reaction was too strong, it is possible to corner him in the same way that he strangled her and then escaped danger.

So it is wise to use a mild solution.

She was still confused as to what to do, eyes still monitoring his every move to prevent uncertainty.

But then there was a ghost force that had bent her eyes directed it down the vein between the legs of the thief.

The men were poking out of their trousers, still erect and still having semen on their heads that made it difficult for them to think.

This was the first time in her life that she encountered a real penis and felt it had a strange charm.

As she tried to avoid the look her eyes look to find it closer to look carefully.

Immediately the thief met his eyes and he began to realize his advantage, just deliberately take your quarter out by knocking straight up and moving towards the girl.

His face was beginning to relax while the beautifull man was still flushed, his face flushed with confusion.

– Please excuse me, just for the poor life. I have been laid off for several months now that I have not found a job, do not know what to take care of the new body to do. And if you can not forgive me, I can bear it, knowing that when the police put me in jail, I get rice every day, so it’s better than the situation now.

He was actually a stunned employee and was losing his job when his retirement pay was spent in the past few days. His words did not make any cunning girls make compassion. She was relieved and believed that he would not risk killing her.

She looks like a statue of art sculpted by a skilled hand. She leaned down, one of her arms folded to cover his chest to keep him from noticing the bare chest hanging from the intruder in front of the intruder. The other hand still squeezed the junk on the cover between the legs. He slowly stood up and realized his estranged paternity.

She just looked back at it again and both shyly turned their backs. He shoved his penis in, pulling up his trousers as she ran to her bed, wearing a slim shirt and pants that did not fit in her underwear or underpants. She looked at him with sympathetic eyes full of human love.

– My name is Dung, what is your name? Where did you work?

– My name is Jiang, as assistant director to an import-export company. A few months ago my boss recruited female assistants, very young and beautiful, and tried to push me through another department. I reacted, he relied on that excuse me always.

– So heartless. Why do not you sue him?

– Who are you? What is the reason? Did I say that because he loves beautiful girls who have abandoned me? Then will people think I’m gay?

– He said yes. So how do you intend?

– I do not know. My specialty is assistant manager, to apply for a job as an assistant to the boss, then try to ask her to accept someone. So I’m unemployed for months now.

– Your situation is pitiful. Or so I calculated this, he stayed here as a butler for me, managing the house furniture. When you find the right job, then you will go, you see? – Dung stopped observing Jiang’s reaction – If this proposal offended him, I’m sorry.

– No no … You do not misunderstand, I do not think she was thinking of deciding to leave a thief in the house. I’m afraid you will regret it.

Dung has a smile in reply.

– What a grudge? I think he went to my house and searched all over he probably did not have any fortune. Granted that he would clean up all my machinery, too, I only lost a few tens of thousands of dollars alone do not eat anything with me, but he sells the stolen it is only a few thousand . And if your future here is intended to rape me … then he had a chance then what? What should I worry about? Actually, I do not need the housekeeper, but you need the person next to you?

Qiang said that Dung is reasonable, he thoughtful for a long time and then accepted with Dung and relentless thanks to this girl.

Unbelievably initially when he broke into here, he thought he would buy some huge fortune, but in reality he was disappointed not to steal anything, and now in a split second he has everything, do not know that time.

Kevin quickly began to work immediately, first to clean the pile of bedclothes.

He took the hook in the wardrobe hanging up each shirt, in turn picked up the thin underwear he felt a little embarrassed and pulled the small cabinet inside the closet put into it.

He works as neatly as he does at home.

That’s right, because you’re here, you’re all over the room, you do not know what to do, you do not need a guide.

Dung also helped him do some chores to dispel the feeling of embarrassment when reminiscing the image of the erection penis erection behind the curtains.

Dung took some paper towels on the bedside of Jiang’s semen on the floor.

She observed long before the wipe, it is white cloudy to a large size, it must be hard erection and new stimulation so much.

Maybe he is in good health so that he can produce a quality product.

She took a paper to wipe a line, semen sticks to it thick.

Oh, it turned out to be like this?

Dung was only slightly surprised when the actual exposure to men’s fluid, she did not expect it to be thicker and greasy than I thought.

It is better than what she has studied online and compared to her imagination.

She put on the nose to try, no smell at all.

She looked back and saw what Jiang was doing.

He was still rearranging his wardrobe and hanging new clothes.

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