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The girl’s sex (part 3)


Knowing that Khuong did not download movies porn, pornhub, Porn Online Free  notice what he was doing, Dung sniffed the paper towel and put his tongue licking the white fluid.
There is no taste, so on the Internet some women show disgust with this sometimes even when they are forced to swallow?

While the sex plates that she watches, the actress sucking and swallowing her partner’s good looks, like it is something so precious and nutritious.

Do not understand, maybe the movie is too exaggerated to justify it.

She stood up to go to the toilet to put the tissue in the trash and peace of mind Khuong not know anything.

But she was wrong, although Jiang is focused on doing but he often stole Dung because he can not ignore such a perfect body.

Although Dung dressed in but it was just a thin cloth, she did not wear underwear so nothing to see that Jiang can not see.

Because when he was dressed in a hurry, Dung was wearing a rather thin white shirt and did not even have to wear pants, so Khuong was free to contemplate the breasts and the hidden cunt appeared every time she walked.

Jiang also found the action that Dung pretended to wipe his face to hide the tongue tasting the semen.

She thought it was her first time to wonder.

From the toilet came out, the two underside breasts look sexy step by step. She reached for the remote roll on the bed and lay down to look at.

– You go to work, do you entertain me a little bit?

“Nothing, I’m the mistress.”

By tapping the remote to open the video, she was watching the Korean movie last week. But when the machine turned on, the LCD scene where the Japanese boys are turning their head to licking each other madly. Then they came back, the guy snatching the girl’s males into the girl’s cunt. Dung confused wake up not turn off the machine then Khuong stop.

– Let’s see, he had just put the disc in his head just to see it for a few minutes. Movies too attractive.

Yong deliberately proved natural to make Dung Comfort. Anyway, her private secrets were discovered by Jiang. Even the beautiful body has exposed it all to him to watch the whole thing. Seeing this, Dung responds in a pitiful manner.

– This dish I borrowed yesterday, still not see.

– Do you usually watch this genre? See you have many disks.

– Ah … sometimes. Have you ever seen?

– Then, several times.

– How do you feel? – Dung asked to find a little agree.

– Ah … it has a strong pull, when it looks hot and want to do it. And you? Do you think so?

Dung did not reply but just nodded, her face suddenly flushed. She did not think there was a day in her life watching porn while having a man beside her.

Normally watching alone is boring and so she turned to watch the romantic movie, but today watching sex in front of the opposite sex and get the full approval, as if it is normal. she was very excited.

The more people see, the hot face, flushed red face.

Her breasts stretched, her wet cunt like the first time.

Khuong stopped working and was sitting next to the bed watching her.

Imagine the back: They suck the look so delicious, this girl’s cunt is pretty nice but still can not match with you.

Then he suddenly put his hands clenched on Dung’s.

She was stiff, full body, there was something in her mouth that went out every storm.

Her breath was pounding, her eyes narrowed, looking dim as she wanted to open her mouth. Do not understand the idea of ​​retract.

– I’m sorry, you’re so excited.

But Dung’s hand caught hold of Khuong’s hand. She was thrilled with the flow of Khuong’s hand into the pants saying in moan.

– I see you have something flowing here.

Khuong did not answer but just nodded, he pulled her shirt up while Dung fluttered his butt. Right now, in front of Khuong, his rounded muzzle was high and full of hair. At the top, Dung also removed the entanglement to release the mound island island was hunted up by the love.

– You look at me here – Dung puffed his ass up close to the face.

Khuong turned his head to see the girl’s pussy in his twenties, how beautiful and worth it.

Stalking her over the curtains, she was so happy to see her crotch face-to-face with her face.

Mirror lightly on the mound and then look at it again makes him yoke.

She did not want that to be so much more, more intense, but in particular she was not able to express it in words.

On top of her pull the butt of Khuong near, remove the buckle and then pull the pants out of the legs.

His underwear also the same fate. Seeing that, Jaejoong also took off his shirt and it was not long before both of them were naked naked in front of each other.

– Brother, as in the movie to him, I want to try reality.

Khuang surprised her words, try reality, does that mean she never made love? Did she just watch the movie and go to sleep? Khuong not hesitated but bent face close to the vulva, wide-thigh Dung’s arms and two fingers split the two edges look inside. She was soaked, gas flowed into the stream down the mattress into a large streaks are gradually spread out.

Looking through the viscosity of the gas that Jiang seen as the red hymen has a small hole in the middle. God, this is a true virgin girl. But the hymen has not yet been torn? Unbelievable.

– What are you doing? I … I want to … do something …

– You are so beautiful oh dear, oh damp moist again. I do not think I have virginity, how can you keep it?

– I do not know anymore … but … you do not ask any more – no more bubbling up again and grab the pillow stuffed into the butt – what do you do … Oh … I see the picture too … oh …

She tucked her head into Khuong’s grove to let his penis rest up on her cheeks, to her forehead, and then she opened her mouth to touch his head as in the movie. The button is very strong to semen out but never see anything, a while later on the head of a water in the oil. She licked it drunk without any hesitation any more, her body is now demanding something new, boiling.

Khuong began to see the fascination of the penis, penis now reached the hardness he had never known.

His mouth flushed up on his large lips, his tongue fluttering over the crevices of his groin, which made her underside.

The tongue suddenly licked up into the cunt, where the large lips were opening to expose the delicate reddish-brown fibers that were soaked in gas.

She twitched, her legs stretching continuously into the air.

Her belly was unbending with each breath.

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