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The girl’s sex (part 4)


Lying on the side leaning on one side, hands clutching the butt of her partner and then she folded face download movies porn, pornhub, Porn Online Free  down on her face.
The sudden appearance makes Dung feel excited.

Lying on her will take over the initiative to make him suck licking his thirst for love until he is tired of new.

She clawed her buttocks, her groin did not stop expanding when he wanted to lick hard on each piece of meat inside and closed when unable to resist the stimulation.

Dung constantly bending the spine at the waist.

Being a regular gym, so her movements are so refined.

The lovely pussy did not stop rubbing as if she was wiping the wet cunt up her face, up her tongue, rubbing her tongue.

Jiang responded very enthusiastically with tongue sweeps, which made him laugh.

Suddenly she trembled trembling and sat up to stand up to face Jiang.

The gas rushed his groin and sat on his face.

At that moment, Jiang also built his tongue up and straightened into the hole down.

She was struck by a sudden burst of pleasure.

The two thighs clamped their heads together, the two hands holding the crumpled hair to keep his female parts pressed deep into the mouth of the lover.

She shrieks her throat with a panting breath, embracing her passionate senses as she sings in the depths of the gully stream and uncharacteristically flows into the greedy mouth that is wide open to cover her cunt.

At this moment she no longer knows what heaven and earth, feeling numbness in the vulva is spread throughout the body.

Muscles twitched to the point where they could no longer control each other when the tongue flicked back into the tiny hole.

She was so happy and could not bear the stimulus, her cunt was like a levee bursting with tears bursting out, constantly flowing streams of fluid out to the outside. It’s so much that they spill over to the two edges of Jiang’s mouth.

Dung trembled and leaned forward to face the flat belly of phiu is sweat on the forehead, face pressure on the mattress, two breasts squeezed hard to squeeze down the white sheets. Desiring to lie back and let her virgin pussy relax, but she no longer has enough strength against the hands of Khuong is squeezing her buttocks to keep that part of her daughter lying on his face. . She was so prone to crying out loud.

– Brother … do not you … I … I can not take it anymore … let me take a break.

– Ummm …

Voice Jiang can not escape because the mouth was wrapped her cunt, but he still shook his head disagreement and sticking her mouth into her closed mouth to continue drinking gas.

Khuong did not pay attention to her words, he was still attentive to the vagina as a fatty food.

Each tongue sweeps along the cunt as it swims away the mucus into the mouth and also numb her back to faint.

For a moment he still grinned at her lymph nods, which made her fall short.

The fluids filled from the vagina flowed through the door of each line, flowing streams like streams … This joy has not yet settled down, the other rush came to take away the full life force of twin girls fifty.

Dung is not enough strength struggling to cover the whole area for free sponge button, licking enjoyment.

Jiang is eating it right.

Immediately her vagina tugged each bite as much as make the thrill.

He had not intended to leave her place, this was a thousand years old opportunity so he had to make the most of it.

Suck it up, let her love the new.

Overcrowded for too long, Khuong felt a little breathless and then he smoothly turned his back.

He did it lightly because he did not want to do it.

And she kept ignoring him, anyway he was trying to make her happy.

She will enjoy immunity and limit the excitement to lose strength.

This lying backstroke would help her gradually regain her strength, she thought, so she was still wide open for him to lick into the slit of her tongue.

The legs are wide, flexing in the knees.

She kept the same posture that made it easy for her to twist between her legs.

Then she jerked a few, the hand down on the mattress, the head wobbled back and forth … her place again a wave again.

Slowly she lifted her buttocks up so that the cunt bounced up and he swept the tongue from his anus upwards, noting a single drop of sound.

He saw how sweet it was.

Khong brushed his tongue, licking up the crotch, up the lymph nodes, up the mu, making it more and more numb.

He did so for hours and hours until noon.

Then the neck wanted to freeze because it had to collapse up and down continuously. Jiang felt tired and tired two jaw, he crawled up next to Dung and hug her fall asleep or not. The couple hugged each other in the state of nakedness naked cloth.

The sun stood up, the electronic watch on the head of the newspaper alerted one hour to wake up. She opened her eyes but did not sit up to recollect the past events. Beside her, Khuong was still sleeping. The knees bent over her knees to her high muffled muzzle, her left hand lurching over her left breast.

Before he fell asleep, he squeezed the nipple and said that there was still a little bit of it left behind in the breasts and nipples.

Dung looked at Khuong, his face is delicate and deep aesthetic of honest people.

That made Dung feel assured with his decision to keep Jiang Yu.

Two naked bodies are pressing against each other, the flesh in contact with each other transmits warmth to each other.

Dung saw both of them as belonging, born to be for each other.

She could hardly imagine that Jiang would have agreed to suck her cunt passionately with all the love so cherished.

He had made her groan in pleasure and how many times over three hours.

He had no intention of stealing her even though she was in a state of inability to cope.

That was enough for Dung to put all his trust in Khuong and cherish what he had brought to her.

Leaning on his right leg, leaning against his lap and touching his mouth, it was still wet.

She was surprised by the sight of the gas so much.

Remember the first time watching sex movies, hole cunt her relentlessly flowing the sound line.

At that time she felt like doing something but did not know what it was.

In the long run, the tea is gradually bottled and the fluid is reduced.

But today was the first time she was more than that, so much that she had the feeling of squeezing out her whole body.

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