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The girl’s sex (part 5)


Loosen the hands of the lover, gently sit up to the refrigerator to get water, eyes out the window. download movies porn, pornhub, Porn Online Free
During the trip, the window is closed but not pull the membrane.

It’s okay, the villa area is very wide and the population around here is sparse, no one will see anything.

Dung also used to film the window and door as the naked walk around the house.

Out in the afternoon sun burns everything, shining brightly into the bedroom, making the room glow as if outside.

Dung turned to look at his quiet bed, on which Khuong is still sleeping.

He lay down slightly down on the mattress.

One leg stretched, one leg upward, which made the male part of the road come out behind.

Jiang’s penis was average, she thought, comparing it to the discs she had watched, but his head was pretty and round, especially the two segments made up of a line of meat running from the urethra. The upper part of the head is still slightly white.

This is the first time Dung is faced with a real penis in real life, it is great.

Why is it so beautiful?

Dung approached closer look.

Jiang suddenly turned to lie on his back stretched legs, so that set up.

Dung sat down next to him, his hands stroking along the boy’s thighs and gradually touched the jade.

Her hand gently brushed up the thick black fur and stroked along the shaft of the penis.

Her fingers stopped at the forehead, where there was a small amount of mucus in it.

She rubbed it all over his head, causing the boy to twitch tightly.

This is a sensitive place for men, and she knows this through online research.

Suddenly she craved for this piece of meat tendon.

Then, as if hypnotized, she bent down and kissed him on the penis. She opened her mouth and then deepened her body. Something had just flown up in her lap, as if it were a stream of gas.

Opening his eyes slightly to the ceiling and feeling the warmth of his precious lying in the mouth of the beautiful. The stimulation has awakened but he does not show signs to Dung because he wants to maintain this passionate feeling. But he finally could not bear it and moaned a little. Dung stop watching him he said.

– Evil, wake up? Why not let people know?

– I’m afraid to startle you. Getting drunk is stealing ice cream?

Both laughed and relaxed. Never Dung can see life as happy and happy as now. She crawled on herself, deliberately trying to squeeze hard on her stomach and chest.

– So do you arrest me? I am willing to pay and compensate for all costs – Dung charming smile.

– I was feeding when I was not prepared, now I have to compensate with your pussy, to let him suck to be fair again – Put your finger to the forehead Dung love.

– You like it so much?

Dung laughed again in happy happiness. She could not believe that outside of life someone dared to suck her daughter.

Can not believe that Jiang dare to face her crotch, licking her genitals so passionate and devouring so.

She crawled up, one hand against the mattress, the other squeezed her breast into the mouth of Khuong.

He immediately opened his mouth to grab the breast of her knot.

She continued to crawl on her knees, her groin and slowly lowered her door to his greedy mouth waiting for him. “Ah … h …” she moaned an utter whine as Jiang’s mischievous tongue poked through his door and did not stop inside.

He raised her buttocks to her cunt hanging on her face.

Dung is happy to be cut off, do not know what to do, he had swept his tongue tilting up on the groove to her a phen phenolic tarpaulin.

She shuddered continuously, the gas flowed like a flood of water.

My legs trembled and my body began to sway.

She stood up to escape this extreme stimulation but Jiang was too strong.

His hands locked her waist so Dung could not do anything.

Dung back crying, begging.

– Brother … stop me … I … die … I can not bear … Ah … h …

Flipped aside, twitching as though seizures were seizures, but mouth still clinging to the mass of meat mouflies between her legs do not leave. He continued to lick, sweep and rub his tongue into the cunt until Dung screamed in pleasure. Deep in the vagina deep in the vagina flowing out into the stream.

At this time, Khuong had removed his elbows from her waist so that she lay on her shoulders. Perhaps the previous euphoria was still so intense that this time licking a few times Dung has fainted. Cuong’s body was covered with Dung’s body, kissing her cheek and neck a long breath. He kissed her on the armpit, kissed her lightly, and he kissed her breasts again.

– Are you happy?

Holding his immortal eyes, Nicholas nodded with a satisfied smile.

Khuong lying down next to Dung, stroking her bare back.

Later, Dung gradually regained his strength.

They sat up and went to bed to prepare lunch.

It was over 12h then, cowardly hungry indulge.

The still-naked lovers chased each other from bedroom to kitchen.

The place is a bow-shaped space surrounded by countless toughened glass panels.

Each sheet has a cover but all are lifted up to get the light so the room is bright.

Take in the freezer the food was available, lighters.

In the blink of an eye there was a decent dining table.

Meals include breads, eggs, cold meats and fried beef, pate and some sauces.

They both sat at the table and ate very well.

For a while, Khuong came up with an idea.

He moved the dishes to the two sides to create space in the middle and then put Dung on the table, her feet to the sides of the flank guarding his feet on the chair he was sitting.

So it was like Dung was sitting in the groin in front of Khong put the cunt chewing gas at the mouth invite him to enjoy it, she asked blankly.

– What are you doing?

– Then I eat the new style – Cry mischievous laugh – Then I would like.

Crushing a piece of beef to Dung, she chewing delicious delicious full of fun. He tore a piece of bread, instead of the sauce, he took two fingers to the edge of his mouth Dung, whipped the bread into it and put it into the mouth devour. Dung exclaimed:

– Oh … what are you doing? You’re so evil! Oh no …

– Let me eat!

Mouth said but not her butt bounce up to put the cunt forward, two large thighs to open the first door for easy to bread bread into it. The more the water is washed in the vagina more and more each time.

– Well … I do not think you can do lunch again. He sucked the bird again and forgave me.

Khuong looked at her grateful. He knew she was interested in this game, so the cunt was so wet, but for fear of excitement and the desire to miss lunch. So he did not continue but not yet completely dislodged but a scabbard of another loaf of bread, the edge of her cunt to put all into it.

– What do you do with your baby?

– I will use the bread to dry this place for you. You go ahead and do not pay attention to it. After eating, he took it out.

– The demon of prostitution. Eating also not forgive people – Dung slapped on the forehead Khuong nùu.

He was in love with her, but she was not good at sex. She agrees and is interested in all the hidden games. She found his way is also beneficial and bring a strange charm. It’s like opening up the flow of thoughts of riotous pleasures that have existed in her for a long time. Now when he stirred it up, it burned like a fire.

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