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The girl’s sex (part 6)


Before the meal ended, Jiang pulled over the edge of download movies porn, pornhub, Porn Online Free the table. With her arms wide open her thigh, she understood the idea of ​​leaning back against her hands to expose her door to a clear one. Khuong immediately buried his head in her crotch, his tongue crept into the small hole that hooked up to pull the tangle of bread that had been stuffed into it. Now it was no longer as dry as it had been before, but it had soaked her mucus. He pulls it out with his tongue in her soft moan and gives it to her mouth in a pleasant way.
– Is it good? – Dung asked in a broken breath.

– Good, there are not any delicious dishes like this baby. What’s good is also great, your breasts are great, your butt is also great, cunt as well.

– This guy is so quiet …

Said laughing at the red cheeks flushed cheeks. All of her friends talked this way, especially when they told her about the endless rain, the word “cunt” and “cock” was used very naturally. She always accuses her friends of being perverse, but now, in the face of this extremely stimulating situation, she does not understand why the word “cunt” makes her excruciating.

– You are too ugly! . Jiang knew she had suffered.

– I have many surprises for you, want to try? It’s nice that my cunt is so cool, the water of the crotch is even better.

– He is too lax – Dunhill hand holding his neck, leaning his head on his shoulder to hear the happiness of the rich – I go to bed, I want to give him all what I have.

Riding up Dung put into the bedroom, where this morning they both sucked each other.

He placed her gently on the mattress, lovingly kiss her lips passionately.

Khuong’s hands when manipulating the breast, while stroking the body of his partner’s mouth, when the time to crawl into the abdomen and then to the privacy of Dung.

Her legs do not stop stretching when Khuong rubs on the raised part between his legs.

Moment her legs form and then put the hands placed on the gap is dripping water.

Flip flops on the back lying on him.

She would crawl over the slime to her mouth like this morning, but the situation was different.

She gradually crawled under the kiss to breathe in the tree of Chihiro.

After kissing and then lightly bite, then put his head into his mouth, then licked on the head that made Khuong few times jerked because of passion.

She patiently sucked his cock solemnly in response to what he had done for her.

Khuong also feel the response and find himself happy to be with Dung.

He clawed her hair gently to encourage each move, encouraging her tongue to work more effectively.

Suddenly Moo groaned and sat up, clutching Dung’s head between his legs.

The penis becomes stiff, the forehead is swollen, the stiffness is red.

Blood ran wild in his body, which made him sweat and sweat on his back, and his young boy jerked his jaw dropping into his mouth.

Qiang has never felt so ejaculated so much, how come it always pours out endlessly, so massively … He gasped panting hands back to his back to the mattress for the part of his men still is imprisoned in the beautiful mouth of the beautiful.

Dung on the guy that button.

She was wondering whether she should swallow his sperm?

Do not know if it is as good as in the movie or she will read it out as read on the internet.

Your partner still does not stop jerking and shooting every time a strong and deep throat Dung Dung.

No, she does not want to release now.

A large part of the semen dripped down her throat, forcing her to swallow it.

So she was able to swallow all the stuff in the mouth.

She swallowed hard, swallowed nothing and found the semen of men fat and extremely delicious, so the people are not the only mentality.

How warm and fat is it?

She thought that from now on she would drink this muddy white water forever, she liked it too.

Oh, semen, how wonderful sperm is.

She pushed the cuckoo in the mouth, hands clawed from the bottom up as in the sex drive was watching to squeeze out what is left in the tube.

Then she let go of his precious licking on the foreskin, up the lace and licking along the trunk like licking an ice cream.

She became interested in it whenever she heard the moaning of Khuong.

This proved that he liked what she was doing.

Sex movies are now effective.

Thanks to that, she became a skilled novice in no time to practice.

After a mass ejaculation, Jiang’s penis is gradually scattered in the mouth of Dung.

It’s getting smaller, smaller and smaller until it slips out.

Get rid of the old position, crawling kiss on the cheek.

– That’s great, honey. She sucked so much that he did not control it. Now his boy becomes useless.

Dung smiled and lay down beside him, leaning over to embrace him. Hands stroking Jiang’s muscular body. She reached down and touched his genitals. She took care of the fountain head carefully so that the boy began to hard again. Jiang also reached down under the squeeze of rubbing the claw, he stroked the hairs and finger tips along the groove.

The fingertips stopped at the lymph node and he spat it on. The jerk shot when people touched the most sensitive area of ​​women, muddy slime mucus. Jiang sat up crouched under his face to her mu.

– Do not feed, I want you to deep inside me. I give you all that, he received.

– Let me suck a bit to add wet cunt and I will chick you.

With a slight grimace, she has not fully adapted to the words that she condemned, but the desire quickly took over the mind.

She closed her eyes and waited for the passion to fill her naked body.

The beautiful vernacular, full of life, is burning with the fire of sensuality.

She was back abdomen when the tip of the tongue had swept a whole line and stopped at the lymph node.

A stream of gas released from the vagina is woven through each layer of red meat closed tight of the cunt and then flowed out into the noise lines into the mattress.

This time, Khuong did not drink gas, but he continued to wipe a few more lines, causing the two lips of the tongue of Dung to expand, the lymph nodes protruding very well.

He pushed her mouth into a knob that made her jumping up and down her butt.

The part of her daughter was ripe in the state of extreme demands. She constantly legs, curved back, bouncing muzzle toward him while his mouth continued to softly moan.

– Do you … I want too … Oh … for you all …

Leung pulling the edge of the bed to her feet to loosen the ground. He stood between her thighs to keep her partner’s door closed.

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