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The girl’s sex (part 7)


He now had his erection hardened by her moan, rubbing his head against the gap.
She stepped on the ground and began Porn Online to rub it up.

He pushed his penis lightly on his door, he did watch Porn not need to adjust his hand anymore because her door was dirty, the water guided the way to find the right hole tiny baby.

The large lips are split into two brazzers arcs that fit snugly into the body.

Breath of breath changes to rupture.

She waits for the next sensation.

Penetration deep into the separation of two small lips, the head is located in the hymen.

Khuong stopped, pulled a little in the weak resistance of his lover, then he pushed again.

This time he pushed deeper so that the head was partly through the small hole used to drain the menstrual hymen.

He kept quiet while she was still impatient, want to quickly enjoy the feeling of husband and wife.

She flexed her cunt slightly as if to tell him she was ready, he did not pick up anymore.

Guo stroked the lower abdomen and waist of Dung and his hands hold tight lover lover.

Suddenly he jumped a strong transmitter that sent the pen into the vagina to rip the hymen.

She moaned for a moment, her tears streaming down her temples, wetting her messy hair on the mattress.

– Why are you hurt? They say it makes me happy … Oh … that’s where my pain is. Stop him.

– It’s the first time it’s me. Try to bear a little bit.

Khuong down to stick his lips on Dung. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled down.

The two tongues swing together, soft, steamy.

Khuong’s hands to find her big round breasts that do not stop.

She regained her desire and excitement.

She felt the passion from her breasts being massaged and the feeling of a stiff, hot, stiff body lying in her body.

It’s deep inside, where there’s never been anything new to explore.

She felt the tightness in his hardness, making each piece of meat in her vagina dilate to the extent that she welcomed a strange object for the first time into her.

Dung is no longer hurt at his door but instead is a very new feeling, very excited, very excited.

Each time Khuong stirred, she heard that the object was moving in her, and then it sometimes hardened, twitched and always let her vagina feel warm.

It was time for Khuong to not be able to rest, his boyfriend was already erect and demanding fiercely.

He put his hands down the bed, rhythmic rhythmic steadily.

She deepened her senses beneath her shallow depths by slipping a long slice into a narrow, slippery pipe.

Once drawn, the foreskin becomes a strong groove on the vaginal wall, when pushed in, the vulva is enlarged to the vagina of Dung to make her pipe keep closing continuously and constantly. rub in the mucus feeling.

She felt numb in the extremely closed area, a rejuvenation of sensual pleasure spread from the part between her legs all over her naked body.

If you know how to make love this early, then she probably enjoy from puberty.

She read a lot on the internet and learned that her daughter is enjoying her early.

Sex becomes a key factor in male and female relationships.

Dung felt very lost to many new girls, she is too shy, too classic to smuggled.

If you know more open life she has been feeling happy cunt from years ago, unfortunately too lost.

But knowing that at that time was not mature enough she would encounter an agent, and so chances are that Jiang will also lose.

So think she is more satisfied about her.

She has the most wonderful lover in the world, what more needs.

With her now, Jiang is everything, her lover, lover, husband or sexual partner.

He is making her happy, fascinated, knowing the smell of life, taste the sweet taste brought by the flesh.

He was plowing the newly reclaimed land, he was piercing the erection penis deep into her womb.

Oh, the cramped feeling in the area of ​​stars, but too numb, so passionate.

May it last forever so that she can make up for the missed puberty.

I’m so happy, so beat me … ah … right.

Come on me, strong again, I do not hurt anymore, ah … h … Khuong still nod to her softly know that Dung’s mouth is still very poignant.

Have to fold together a few more times so that it completely expanded.

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