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The girl’s sex (part 9)


When I wake up, the sun is out, it’s 7 pm. Porn HD
Dung felt very hungry, the throat dry to burn.

Still let him lie on his body, Dung lifted his brazzers foot placed between her legs and then a leg up, her arms around the back to check the pussy.

Strange, it’s still wet.

She took a finger scraped up a piece of view, xnxx not the vaginal fluid but the semen of the lover due to too much output so it is now out, which Khuong sleep so much, he must be tired.

Dung felt she was awake after a long and deep sleep, pain in the vagina completely disappeared.

She lay there reviewing the Porn Free movements that both of them did, the feelings of passion as the penis slowly broke her pussy lips and crept into the narrow hole.

When he reached the beat, both the penis shaft strengthened to the vagina, slipping out into slippery sluggishness how great new.

She wished both of them had the strength to be able to have sex all day long, probably going to get tired of it.

She suddenly thought of the nutritious food, which has been read on the Internet.

Yes, it is necessary to study these things in order to provide for the partner, so that he always has the strength to enjoy the flesh with her.

So she turned her back to bed so gently that it was not intended to wake him up.

She went to the locker next to the table to get the TV to open the laptop.

She searched the contents and found what she was looking for.

So she phoned the familiar restaurant to order them to fold the dishes and ask the staff to bring home.

It was almost an hour after the food arrived, Dung did not wear clothes that only covered a fur coat over the pillow – the kind to wear when he came out from the bathroom.

She opened the fence and instructed the staff to bring in the kitchen for her.

This person seems to be curious about this new dish, more than half the amount of it than usual that she eats at the restaurant every night.

Dung explained that today she has special guests should order food to go home but actually she likes to eat in the restaurant more.

When the table was prepared, Dung back to the bedroom to call Wake up to see him sitting at the edge of the bed.

He was still not dressed so she looked at the “meat tender” between his legs, which plugged her into her body to give her a sense of passion never had.

Khuong still not sleep but also found innocently.

Seeing Dung, Khuong stood up to pick up the trousers under the ground on foot but Dung stopped.

– Are you awake? What are you going to do?

– I wear clothes, I was wearing nothing.

– Who said you dressed in? – Unload the jacket to throw to the ground – I just go out just to go out. From today, we will not need clothes anymore. You like me naked together, do you like it?

– Of course, darling!

Of course, Jiang was more interested in her, but he was only afraid of it, so she offered it now, he agreed.

What is more beautiful is the whole day is watching a perfect naked body of a beautiful sky god.

Khong flung the pants to sit on the bed and then wrapped around his waist pulled closer.

Now she had no clothes on her, she was standing in front of him, the high-voweled nappies were in front of him.

He buried his face in her breasts, kissing her breasts, kissing her tiny red nipple and knocking her back to her. She shuddered slightly to look at him affectionately.

– Go eat him, I’m ready to finish.

Both went up to the kitchen and ate a lot, plenty.

Sometimes Khuong hands down under the muffler of the mu Dung and then she laughed excitedly, Dung also responded to holding his penis in his hand clawed up a few lines.

Strange, his crooked again erect, the head of the flared red puffy and glossy.

But they stop at provocative gestures rather than doing real sex like noon.

They both understand that they have to recover so quickly that they can love each other all night long.

They have a long night waiting ahead.

Meals are quite fast although both eat a lot and are palatable, partly because they are hungry.

Helping Dung clean up everything, while she was washing the dishes, he mixed two cups of soda chicken.

Dung did not understand why he liked drinking.

He explained that this drink is good for health and helps to restore vitality very quickly.

She is the subject of his partner, unexpectedly he also researched on this content.

Xiang Qiang recommends taking a comfortable bath before both of them kneel during the night.

Although no one has said yet, it is in everyone’s minds to have such an intention, for a rainy season, for an endless writhing frolic.

So Khuong Closing into the bathroom, flushed with warm water and filled the tub with her steps.

They brush each other and of course can not ignore the kissing, groping, stimulating sensitive areas of each other.

Lift up the buttocks Dung placed on the bath tub, so she leaned against the wall.

His hands separated her legs wide and then he buried his head in the crotch licking on her door.

Grateful people, do not expect to bath that he also thought this mischievous.

Her hand pulling Jiang’s hair in, legs around his shoulder tightened to a frame.

Khuong was unable to wrestle and only sucked and licked for her pleasure.

Later, Dung asked Khuong to sit up for her to feed her, making his penis hard as a log.

She pounded his penis deep into his throat and slowly pulled back while his tongue was still firmly on his hips, his lips rippled hugging each centimeter to make him numb as if inserted into the vulva.

Unbelievable just watching the movie but she was so professional, if you make love often together, she would have to fold several times.

Thinking so, she decided to do her best to satisfy her and he would have to constantly create new tactics for loving the beautiful woman in passionate enthusiasm.

The more she sucked, the more she craved for him.

Jiang’s body is hardened, the head of the red puffy bulge while the crotch of Dung is also dripping out the water drops of love in the oil.

Standing up from the tub to stand up to stand her back against the wall.

Dung did not know what he was going to do, but she was convinced that a love affair was about to take place at this bathroom, where she waited anxiously in the state of excitement, she followed all his arrangements passively. Adorable, as a slave submits to the owner.

Then Crane flung between Dung’s legs and lifted one foot up.

Her legs squeezed through Khuong’s arm, while the other leg was on the ground.

So the groin of beautiful people has been open to the naked, full exposure of his beautiful door out.

Mu, thanks to that, also raised to look attractive, the lips are big because of the wide crotch opened also to reveal the fiber inside the red roses with gas.

He stood in front of her, kissing her roughly rippled lips and hearing the harsh excitement.

Below, his penis is pointing straight, the head touching the lymph nodes in the abdomen in the abdomen.

Feeling craving is boiling in the naked body and is causing the blood to plunge into the closed area.

Her lymph nodes are as large as a bean, and are fluidly lubricated.

Every time her partner touches her, she hears a strong electric current running from her pussy to her head.

Dung began to falter, if not leaning back against the bathroom wall she would have collapsed.

Her hands clenched into space and then grabbed the buttocks in the back, a hand crept into his crotch to find penny claws to delight.

Then she took the penis at her door, the other pulled his butt hard but she was too impatient so the desire did not come to her she lost patience.

Khuong was aware of the ripe time, she wanted to make love so he did not have more.

Leaning slightly lower down the handle of the penis and then stabbed one back from the bottom.

Oh … his clawed cunt was gone in Dung’s door.

She re-releasing the tongue out, flicked his neck to the ceiling with a loud whine.

Her ass jerked, her hands clenched the butt.

Suddenly she put two hands through the neck, feet also lifted up around his ass.

Now, Dung’s legs became tight inside, so he could not get up.

Perhaps the sudden rush of surprise surpassed the tolerance of the mass of white meat mummified between her legs so she could not help holding back the excitement of the enemy.

Oh … right Guo ơi, that place he, oh my … I like him to do so … Dung moaned, insisted, screaming.

She did not need anything more embarrassing, with her now all meaningless.

Only sexual intercourse, only to make love, only chess tired of the canteen to see the full meaning of this life.

She re-issued gas, back out, down again.

Every bit as good as encouraging the spirit of Khuong.

He is stronger, more aggressive with increasing amplitude.

At times, his limbs went out, but then he quickly got the mucus back to where it was going.

Khuong started moaning in his throat, sweating like a bath on his muscular back.

Muscles all over his body stretched up and the penis is as hard as steel rods, constantly crashing into the vagina in the lover.

He will be forever, until both of them together in one go to satisfy the ultimate desire.

He pushed the butt of the penis deeper, as she pressed her back as if he wanted his daughter to swallow his testicles.

Penis jerks convulsively with each contraction in the beautiful vagina, semen crystallized by coughing shoots flushed into the body of Dung.

She heard the expropriation is full of deep in the depth, listening to the hot spread to the uterus, listening to the pleasure ran tirelessly throughout the body.

Suddenly Dung up, find a place to sit up then the groin, one foot up high for the mouth open cunt.

She pulled back, grabbed his hair, pressed his lover into her crotch.

Guo understand, quickly tongue stick tongue swept on the cuff of the thirst again.

The vagina in the vagina has not yet settled down, the feeling of passion in the door to hit her again covered her.

She continued to bite the two thighs, bouncing crooks repeatedly on the face while holding both hands his head.

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